Ace Of Spades

RRH Lady Phase
Started: April 1998   Finished: August 1998

This photo is of Ace at a half-way finished point.  He has no mane or shading and his tail isn't finished.

Ace is now finished and has a pink nose, hooves with a few ermine stripes, and a banded bi-colored mane.  His tail is also finished and is long and full.

He won the Amature Owner Paint class at the 1998 Puyallup Breyer Round-Up as well as taking Champion Stock Horse in the Amature Owner division.  He will be a member of my show string as long as he will place and probably always a member of my collection as my "first ever remake".  He is also the foundation "bloodline" for my paint horse "farm". Here are new pictures of him.  They aren't that hot, but you get the idea.

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